5 Simple Lifestyle Changes That Will Help You Lose 20 Pounds Or More


We are constantly bombarded with ads that promote lose weight fast and safe weight loss with certain diet plans, pills or exercise plans. You may have already tried everything but you still have trouble reaching your desired weight. We know that the journey of weight loss is hard, however it is not impossible. We are going to reveal you 5 life hacks that will help you shed off those extra pounds and feel much better about yourself. The best way to start is by following these 5 lifestyle changes.

  1. Love yourself

You will never achieve anything in life if you see yourself in a negative way, and this includes weight loss too. Your confidence will give you the motivation you need to be persistent until get what you wanted.

Besides giving your body the nutrients it needs throughout the day, make sure your mind is also well taken care off. Compliment yourself when you see your reflection in the mirror and remind yourself that you are doing a great job.

  1. Strong is the new sexy

Losing fat is not the only thing you should keep in mind. Your muscles should also get enough exercise so they are strong enough to help your body burn more fat faster. Strength training is the best way to achieve the goal because during weight loss your body also loses some lean muscle mass.

  1. Less calories

When you are trying to lose weight it is important to eat less calories than you burn. This way your body gets used to eating less calories and you start losing extra weight. Start by cutting 500 calories daily until the body adjusts to the new intake. After a while, if you start noticing that you’ve stopped losing weight, cut 100 calories more.

Note: The body needs 1,200 calories a day in order to work properly and stay healthy, so make sure you never go below this number.

  1. Pick up new healthy habits

If you want to lose more pounds you should consider doing small changes in your everyday life, besides exercising and eating healthy. Park your car further from the entrance of the grocery store, and carry a bottle of water with you so that your body is hydrated all the time. These simple things may not be as effective as hard training, however they will certainly help you get closer to your goal.

  1. Create a long term plan

Losing a significant amount of weight means that you should think months and even years in advance. Your body takes time to adjust to healthy habits, but going back to storing the unnecessary fat is very easy. This is why you need to think about developing your diets and routines that you should follow in the long run and also exercising regularly.