15 Foods You Should And Shouldn’t Eat On An Empty Stomach


According to experts, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but what you choose to eat for breakfast is certainly important as well. Here’s a list of 15 foods you should and shouldn’t eat for breakfast:

Foods you should eat


Eggs are rich in essential nutrients and proteins that will boost your metabolism and give you a jolt of energy, which is why they’re an excellent choice for breakfast.


This fruit is rich in water and lycopene which will support your heart and vision.


Oatmeal can prevent the inflammation in your stomach lining thanks to the presence of hydrofluoric acid, a soluble fiber that can reduce your cholesterol levels and accelerate your metabolism.


These berries are rich in nutrients that regulate your blood pressure, boost your metabolism and improve your memory and focus.

Cornmeal porridge

Cornmeal porridge can detoxify your body, eliminate heavy metals and toxins from your tissues and boost the intestinal microflora, while also giving you an energy boost.


Honey can stimulate the production of serotonin and boost your energy levels, which is why many experts recommend a teaspoon of honey in the morning.


Buckwheat contain numerous essential vitamins and minerals as well as protein which will give you a jolt of energy in the morning.


Consuming nuts for breakfast can regulate your pH levels and improve your digestion.

Foods you shouldn’t eat for breakfast

Citrus fruits

Contrary to popular belief, consuming citrus fruits such as lemon isn’t great for breakfast. They do contain a lot of vitamin C, but they can also cause heartburn and raise the risk of gastric ulcers and gastritis as well.

Spicy foods

Eating spicy foods for breakfast can irritate your digestive system and damage the gastric mucosa.


Bananas may boost your magnesium levels which will raise the risk of heart problems if you’re consuming the fruit on an empty stomach. If you decide on eating a banana for breakfast, it’s best to pair it with some nuts, blueberries or honey.

Sodas and carbonated drinks

Sodas and carbonated drinks are the worst breakfast choice. They are high in sugar and will provide a temporary kick, but they will later slow down your metabolism and cause bloating.

Green vegetables

Green veggies contain certain amino acids that may cause heartburn and flatulence if eaten in the morning. They can also irritate the stomach which may result in abdominal pain.


Tomatoes are rich in tannic acid which can irritate the stomach and may lead to gastric ulcers and heartburn, so avoid consuming them in the morning.


Pears are rich in crude fiber which may affect your digestion and damage the mucous membrane of the stomach.

Source :     www.myhealthylifeguide.net