12 Years of Capturing The Development of New Life in a Womb


The name Lennart Nilsson first became known to the public in 1965 after his photographs were published in LIFE magazine. These shots were reproduced in many other well-known magazines soon after.

When Nilsson was a child he was very passionate about microscopes and cameras. That passion developed in the ambition to show the world the miracle of life.

To get the most precise shots he used a cystoscope- a medical instrument used to examine the urinary bladder, attached a camera to it and recorded the life of the embryo in the womb.

The results were marvelous; for the first time he enabled people to see the formation and earliest development of human life.

The following photos are a compilation of images showing how life is born.


Nilsson’s book, ’A Child is Born’, was published in 1965. It sold out in just a few days and has been republished many times, becoming one of the most popular photography books of all time.

Lennart Nillson is now 91. He’s still interested in science and photography.