10 Things Women Do That Men Are Crazy About (#8 Is At The Top)


Women are really amazing! However, lots of women have some habits that drive men completely crazy. That’s why today we are going to tell you how to avoid and how to impress your other half.

  1. Men love it when you play with their hair even when they’re driving a car

This not only physically pleasant, but it also is an indication of love, affection and the need for contact.

  1. Lean your head on his chest

When you do this he is going to feel like a real man and like your protector.

  1. They love it when you praise them on Facebook

It’s obvious – we all love when someone shows us affection in public.

  1. Send them a text or call them before you go out with friends

He’s going to be happy if you let him know that you think of him when you are busy too.

  1. They love it when you listen to them carefully

In such moments they feel loved.

  1. Show that you care about him, even in public

Hug him, kiss him– he will take this as a sign that you care about him.

  1. Take care of your look

Guys like sleek girls, therefore when you go out with your man, get dressed just for him.

  1. Laugh

Men are crazy about girls that are smiling. Not a forced smile, but a sincere laugh is just perfect.

  1. Be kind to others

We don’t even have to mention this thing! Be polite to every person and not just to impress your man but also for the benefit of the mankind.

  1. Keep your interests

Have a hobby and be passionate about it. Those girls who have interests and passion about something will attract every man.

Source :    www.healthyfoodheadlines.com