This Woman Drank Honey- Lemon Water Every Day For A Full Year. Here’s What Happened


The perfect natural remedy for colds is the mixture of honey and lemon juice. Honey is an antibacterial remedy which strengthens the immune system and speeds up the healing process, while lemon juice in packed with vitamin C and promotes healing and strengthens the immune system.

When combined, they can fight common cold, but can do even more.

This woman from Australia, Crystal Davis, made a decision to test this theory and started drinking honey-lemon water each day for a whole year. She discovered many improvements during the experiment and continued consuming it permanently. This is what she discovered.

Increased energy 

She had so much energy through the entire day that she found no need to take coffee in the morning.

2. Increased alkalinity  

lemons are able to neutralize the body acid and reduce the acid reflux, upset stomach, acidosis, and other side effects related to acid; those who have chronic illness related to stomach acid need to consult a doctor before following the footsteps of Davis;

3. Improved oral health 

The lemons are efficient in cleaning out the mouth and activating the  salivary glands. This eliminates bacteria from the teeth, whereas the honey helps destroy it, leading to  better breath and improved oral health.

4. Hydrated lymphatic system – a dehydrated lymphatic system can cause many illnesses, thus this mixture will help it stay hydrated;

5. A stronger immune system 

For the entire year, Crystal Davis,  did not catch a single flu, cold, or stomach-related illness, whereas the rest of her family caught several.

6. Weight loss

The lemon assists the liver to produce bile that assists the body break down the food so that the nutrients can be absorbed easily; honey assists the stomach in the production of mucus to flush out toxins, and when the two ingredients are combined together, the body reaches a healthy weight;

7. No UTIs  

Acting as a natural diuretic, the lemon-honey water eliminated Davis’ Urinary Tract Infections.

8. Glowing skin 

The honey is able to increase collagen and the lemons purify the blood, resulting in healthy and glowing skin.

To enjoy this incredible benefits, Davis uses organic lemons and raw honey.

She adds juice of half a lemon and a teaspoon of honey to a cup of boiling water.

Afterwards, she adds a splash of cold water, to make it cold enough to drink.