This Woman Cured Her Stage 4 Cancer With Only One Ingredient!


Ann Cameron is author of 15 children’s books. On Tuesday July 30th, 2013 Ann had CT scan for malignant tumors on the lungs. On Thursday August 1st 2013, she got the results: “NO EVIDENCE OF CANCER.”

Ann is convinced that carrots have the ability to cure tumor, without radiation, chemotherapy or any other dietary changes. She recommends to all patients who are determined to have tumor to try this cure, taking under consideration the fact that the outcome appear quick.

The first experience of this unfeeling illness is when her husband passed on from lung malignancy in 2005 despite the fact he went to chemotherapy. In that moment she declined to go the same way and denied chemotherapy.

The online journal “Chris beats malignancy” is for those individuals who have discovered option methods for treating disease to share their experience, and Ann is one of them.

Ann says: “In June 2012, I was subjected to surgery for colon malignancy, and after that I declined chemotherapy treatment. Consistently I felt better, yet following six months, the control examination demonstrated that the disease had spread to the lung, and colon tumor, entered in the fourth stage”.

Ann was very upset and frustrated after her specialist explained that she has just a few years to live without chemo. At that point she began with detailed investigation on the web and she carefully read various options of curing tumor without chemotherapy and radiation. Even though her husband attempted some of the options, they didn’t help.

On November 17, Ann started to consume the juice from 5 lbs of carrots per day.

Even after two weeks, she didn’t noticed improvement. But, she continued to drink the juice and eight weeks later the growth of the tumors had stopped. Incredibly, after six months there was no evidence of cancer.

Unlike some specific supplements, drinking carrot juice is not prohibited during conventional treatment. Moreover, the carrot juice is perfectly compatible with chemo and simultaneous radiation. Still, Ann decided not to go to the recommended chemo due to the side effects.

So, Ann consumed only the carrot juice, she did not went to radiation, no chemo, no or any other treatments.

Ann is convinced that newly diagnosed person like she was who is still in good health, could safely put of chemotherapy and see if 5 pounds of carrots on daily basis will halt the growth of cancer, and if eliminate the cancer entirely.

It is important to mention that this cure also worked for many other people in the fight against different types of cancer.