Warning: This Girl Almost Died Doing Something Many Of People Are Doing At Their Home!!! Be Careful!


The story you are about to read should be a warning for all people who are doing one simple thing that seems harmless.

We are talking about dying your hair.

Yes, it seems harmless, but it can be a great danger. This girl dyed her hair and shortly after, her face and eyes started swelling. After this, she couldn’t breathe and speak.

When this happened, she decided not to dye her hair anymore. After some time, she was treated in a hospital, she recovered and was just an awful experience from the past.

She didn’t dye her hair for more than 3 years. However, after all these time she decided to give it a try after this long period. However, now she used a dye product from another company. This proved to be a bad decision, since she couldn’t see at all and had to be taken to the hospital for treatment again.

The Doctors that treated her came to conclusion that the girl is allergic to Para Phenylene Diamine (PPD). That is the main ingredient of all the hair dye products.

Nowadays, this girl opposes the sale of such dangerous products and gives effort to ban them out from the UK. She also recommends to all women who use, or plan to use these products, to stop using it and to stay natural as they are.

Nowadays, hair dying is a trendy procedure popular among the old and young, women and men alike.

It is primarily a cosmetic procedure done to cover up gray hair, restore color after a hair dressing procedure like bleaching, or experiment with a different hair color for fashion purposes.

In a study published by the International Journal of Trichology:

Out of 263 people who used hair dyes, 96 percent rendered hair unsafe for lactating and pregnant women, 63 reported headaches and 38 percent reported itching.

Excessive use of chemical hair dyes also weakens hair, causing excessive breakage and hair loss.

For those who feel like dyeing of their hair is a must, you can try some natural solution for this procedure.

How to Dye Your Hair Naturally

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