The Most Effective Homemade Peeling Cream Against Stretch Marks And Cellulite!


Peeling creams are made to eliminate dead skin cells and skin impurities that build up on the epidermis. They normally contain abrasive elements, which provide this exfoliating effect.

Apart from making your skin look smooth, these cosmetic products also stimulate circulation and skin cell regeneration.

Last, but not least, peeling creams can reduce the appearance of stretch marks caused by cellulite.

You don’t need expensive cosmetic treatments to improve your skin quality. The DIY peeling cream recipe we provide here is extremely efficient in removing stretch marks and cellulite. Best of all, it’ll save you lots of money and dermatologist visits.


  • 250g salt
  • 250g sugar
  • 100-150g palm or olive oil


Mix all the ingredients well until you get a jelly mixture. Leave the mixture for 30 minutes then mix again. Your peeling cream is ready to use.

Rub the mixture into the affected areas on your skin. Massage with circular movements for 2-3 minutes. Ideally, you should repeat the treatment every night before having a shower.

Rinse it off using warm water. In the end, apply some moisturizer or body lotion.

If you do the treatment regularly for one month, your stretch marks and cellulite will become considerably less noticeable than before.

Important: Continue with the treatment even after the first positive results appear.