Study Confirms: Just 4 Tbs. A Day And The Cancer Is Gone! Amazing


There are many different people around the world, as well as medical experts, who claim that the famous Russian scientist Hristo Mermerski discovered the most powerful homemade remedy. This remedy can help in fighting many diseases, including cancer. The professor Mermerski said that this homemade remedy is very useful and effective for the whole organism. He adds that if you use this remedy, you could even cure cancer.

The powerful homemade remedy is going to strengthen and improve the health of your heart, it will cleanse the blood vessels, improves the immune system, prevent a heart attack, cleanse the liver and kidneys, it will boost your memory and will improve brain function and last, but not least, it is the most powerful and most effective cure for all types of cancer.


  • 15 fresh lemons
  • 12 fresh garlic cloves
  • 400 gr fresh walnuts
  • 1 kg natural honey
  • 400 gr sprouted grains (green wheat)

Cooking the sprouted grains

In order to cook the sprouted grains you should take a glass bowl and put the green wheat into. Add some water in the bowl, just enough to cover them and let them soak throughout the night. The next morning (after at least 12 hours), drain the wheat, wash them with water, and drain them once again. You can also use gauze to strain them. Afterward, put them in a bowl again and leave them for another 24 hours.


For the preparation of this remedy you are going to need a grinder. Add the garlic cloves, the walnuts and the sprouted wheat into the grinder and grind everything together. Then, grind 5 lemons (with the peel) and add them in the mixture. Squeeze the other 10 lemons and add the lemon juice to the mixture. Mix it all well until it is all combined. Now, add in the honey and mix it with a wooden spoon. Pour the mixture in a glass jar with a tight lid and put it in a fridge. You could start using this very healthy remedy after 3 days. 

How to use it:

Professor Hristo Mermerski says that you need to consume this very powerful remedy half an hour before every meal. You need to take 1-2 tbsp. of the remedy. You could also take 1-2 tbsp. 30 minutes before going to bed. In case you have cancer and are using this for as a treatment, take 1-2 tbsp. every 2 hours. This recipe is wonderful. It’s going to boost your metabolism and you are going to be refreshed and full of energy.

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