Scientists Discover That This Causes Breast Cancer and We Take It Every Day. Take a Look at The Video!


According to a recent scientific research that was conducted in Norway, people who consumed 3 cups of milk on daily basis are at three times higher risk of developing breast cancer, compared to those who consumed only 1 cup or less on a daily basis.

Statistical data shows that today, breast cancer is one of the mostly present cancer-types, at global level. Obviously, milk is one of the major causes of this type of cancer. It is important to mention that in the states in which people are consuming a lot of milk, including the United States, Finland, Canada and Great Britain have the highest number of people suffering from breast cancer.

Namely, the study that was performed in Norway discovered that in those areas or states where consummation of milk is on really low level or people do not drink milk at all, there is almost no case of breast cancer.

Researches explain that milk has a great carcinogenic potential in the hormones and components of development. This also refers to the supplements of vitamin D which are improving the milk and the milk products periodically.

Scientists concluded that women who have experience with breast cancer consumed even twice more of vitamin D, compared to those women who have not suffered from breast cancer.

Consuming big amounts of processed foods, pasta, pork and sugar also increases the risk of breast cancer, while consumption of fish and vegetables lowers the risk.

Experts explain that bras are another cause of breast cancer. Namely, women who are wearing bra longer than 12 hours are at significantly higher risk of developing breast cancer, compared to women who never wear bra or at least wear bra occasionally.

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