Plant for the House to Never Again See Spiders, Fruit Flies and Bugs


We all hate cobwebs in the house, corners,walls, and ceilings. The clean house does not attract spiders, the messy one is much a better option for them, yet if you clean all the time, these insects won’t bother you a lot.

No matter how much you’re cleaning the house, terrace, garden, spiders are always going to reach you.

How to remove them?

Spiders and other insects cannot stand the mint smell. Incredible idea! Have mint plant at your home!

This plant, called mint, is strong in smell and flavor both and it also keeps the home safe from bugs, spiders, insects, fruit flies…

You can mix in some essential oil with mint and water, 10 drops for one liter of water and place this in a spray bottle.

With this mix, you need to spray the dark corners in the flat, rooms,yard, terrace and all other spaces.

The nice smell of this spray is nice for you, but awful for the insects. Besides, the air is going to be fresher as this is not toxic for the people.