Oatmeal Liqueur Slimming Results in a week!


There are some great reasons that make oats such a powerful food, not only full of fiber, a nutrient that has proven its ability to improve health and accelerate weight loss, is also one of the best sources of starch. That is the nutrient that helps to slowly digest food and causes the release of digestive acids that suppress the appetite and accelerate the burning of calories. In fact, one study found that exchanging only 5 percent of daily starch carbohydrates could boost metabolism by a whopping 23 percent .

You may be more accustomed to seeing oatmeal in the breakfast bowl than in a tall glass , but mixing it with fruits and other ingredients can make a smoothie that is tasty and healthy. As part of a low calorie meal plan, oatmeal drinks can help you lose weight, but you can not do it on your own.

Preparing the shake

You will only need one cup of oatmeal in flakes, a little cinnamon, either a sprig or two spoonfuls of powder and two liters of water. You should mix the ingredients in the blender very well until you have a totally homogenous substance, it is advisable to use two tablespoons of honey to sweeten, if there are still traces of oats you can re-mix it once again in the blender.

When it is ready, keep it in the refrigerator. You can start every morning drinking a glass of this substance, it is ideal to drink it once before each meal, this way it will keep you on a full stomach and the meals will fall well in your stomach, avoiding that you quickly get hungry.  It can be taken for a month in a row, although it is advised to keep it as a dietary habit to continue to obtain longer lasting results.

Replaces some foods

Since calorie-cutting is a key component of weight loss, using oatmeal drinks as meal replacements can help reduce the total number of calories consumed in a day . For the strategy to work, your drink should contain fewer calories than the food you are replacing, so use moderate serving sizes. It is advisable to mix with ingredients rich in nutrients but low in calories like pieces of banana, fresh or frozen berries and fat-free Greek yogurt.

Limiting Factors

Taking oatmeal without changing your lifestyle will be totally inefficient and will not help you lose weight. To lose weight constantly, you need to eat fewer calories than you spend and maintain that eating pattern consistently. Regular exercise will also help you burn fat and lose weight. For what is advised to be aware, there are no magic drinks that will eliminate all of your fat instantly, you also have to put a little effort and perform even 30 minutes a day of exercise.