Man Healed 5000 People From Cancer: This Is A Recipe That Kills All Types Of Tumor In 90 Days – Video


One of the world’s cannabis icons, Rick Simpson went to Belgrade in order to participate in a debate about medical marijuana use. Namely, he healed more than 5000 people with this plant.

At the debate in Belgrade there were many foreign guests which again confirmed their beliefs that Broz is the person who banned the use of cannabis presumably on behalf of the pharmaceutical mafia. Simpson is convinced that cannabis was used for centuries as treatment of cancer, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy and many other health issues. As a matter of fact, Rick is a self – taught doctor and a mechanical engineer. It is important to mention that he tried this cure on himself as he suffered from the most severe type of skin cancer, about 12 years ago. Rick for Telegraph says: “I always say to people – cannabis will heal you, or you will realize that it is the best cure that currently exists in the world!”.

In 2002, Rick several times had operated 3 legions on his face skin but all attempts were unsuccessful. The doctors told Rick that his time had run off. Unfortunately the lesions appeared again after a while.

Rick studied plants as a hobby, and one day, while he was looking at the scars in a mirror, he recalled about a study on the effects of the THC on cancer. At the same moment he took out previously prepared cannabis oil and started with the treatment. To be more precise, he dripped some oil on the wounds, covered them with the bandages and waited for days. After only 4 days, Rick claims that the wound were gone, and the skin was pink again! He was really amazed. He told everyone about the way he cured himself, but as expected no one believed him. Rick says: “Everyone laughed at me, but here eleven and a half years have passed, the cancer didn’t return”.

He helped many people. However, Rick says that the last case is one of the most interesting. It comes to man at the age of 80 years who was on his deathbed with lung cancer. According to forecasts by doctors he had less than two days to live. This man was in bad shape. He had open wounds on the legs, swollen from chemotherapy and he barely was breathing. Rick explains that he offered him cannabis oil therapy. The son of this patient went to the doctor, who of certainly declined to treat the old man with cannabis. Still, his son decided to act on his own and gave cannabis oil to his father. It is amazing that after 30 minutes his father started breathing normally again!

Doctors explained that usually the vital functions return before death. The son checked out his father from the hospital, and forbid him to take any of the prescribed drugs that day. This man continued to use the cannabis oil, and after only 6 weeks of therapy he had no need for insulin. After 3 months the cancer simply disappeared! Rick highlights that the age totally irrelevant for using cannabis oil therapy.

For the treatment Rick needed raw cannabis. Because of that he started to cultivate marijuana. It is important to mention that in 3 years, the police had raided his filed 4 times! Although he spent only 4 days in jail, he was sentenced for cultivating, owning and selling marijuana in 2005. He got out with a 2000 dollar fine, but he was threatened with 12 years of prison!

Rick explains that many of the jurors actually were people who had their dearest cured by his cannabis oil! Even the judge knew it was a farce. It is interesting that they didn’t allow for patients or doctors to testify, nor they allowed for Rick to show a pile of medical documents about the oil effects.

Simpson says: “If you don’t know the meaning of “coward court” go to Canada and you will be clear!”. He adds that people in Europe are not brainwashed by cannabis use like in North America.

Another important fact is that Rick never sold weed in his life. He was disappointed by everything. With best intentions he gave it away to sick people, and posted the recipe on

All of you should be aware that there are many fake oils that are sold and advertised as Rick’s on the market. It is important to keep in mind that Rick has a specific way of treatment with his oil. Namely, his treatment is consisting of doses of several drops 3 times a day. He claims that the oil is faster and easier to prepare than coffee.

Simpson explains: “The usual dose I give for cancer is 60 grams within 90 days. By the way, it is never late for the patient to start cannabis oil therapy. There isn’t such excuse as, “It is late” … If you ask me if I approve smoking of marijuana, I will tell you it isn’t off course efficient as cannabis oil, but it is scientifically proven that people who smoke marijuana live six years longer than those who don’t”. He also explains that all the governments in the world should allow people to cultivate cannabis for medical purposes. There should be open pharmacies where people can get it for free if they can’t cultivate it.

“Not many people know that cannabis has been used hundreds of years before Christ as one of the most healing remedies. In the ancient Persian religious scripts where among other are described the most healing herbs, the first place had fallen right on cannabis!” People have the right to cannabis, free medicine given to them by nature, taken by medical gangsters because of pure greed!” says Rick.