How To Grow Lemons In Your Home In An Organic and Simple Way


Lemons are fruits widely used both in gastronomy and in natural medicine due to its powerful properties. This is because lemons contain a lot of vitamins and minerals like phosphorus and magnesium.

That is a common feature of all citrus fruits. The difference is that lemons are simpler to cultivate.

Growing the own organic plants in the home is a great advantage as it avoids the chemical additives.

In this article we want to teach you how to grow your own lemons in your home in an organic way.

Continue reading to learn this incredible trick and you will never have to buy lemons in the market again.

How to grow lemons in one’s home in an organic and simple way

Lemons have a lot of health benefits and their properties are much better if grown organically as this allows their benefits to remain active and with more power.

There are two main ways to grow lemon at home.

The first is to buy a small plant of lemons and start caring for it until it grows.

The second option involves creating the plant from a seed.

Then we will show you both options so that you can choose which is the most favorable.

Grow lemons from a small plant

This option is simpler and requires less work.

1.The first thing you should do is get a small plant and a large pot with holes in the bottom area.

2.Then place the plant inside the pot and fill with stones to improve air circulation.

3.Subsequently it finishes filling with fertile soil.

4.In order for the tree to grow healthy, you should simply try to get about 8 or 9 hours of sun daily.

5.You should also water periodically but be careful not to overdo it with water.
After about 7 months your lemons will be ready to be consumed.

Grow Lemons from the Seed

This procedure is more difficult but it really is worth cultivating a plant from the beginning.

1.The first thing to do is place soil in a small pot and moisten it but not excessively.

2.Then remove the seeds to a lemon. It is recommended that it be organic to avoid all types of chemicals.

3.Plant the seed immediately in the pot. The seed must still be moist when planting.

4.Make sure the seed is sunk an inch deep.

5.Spray with water in a spray bottle to the surface that was above the plant.

6.Then cover the pot with a clear plastic wrap and seal the edges with a rubber band.

7.Then place the pot in a place that receives sunlight all day. If you do not have sunlight you can use artificial light.

8.You should periodically spray the pot with care that the soil remains moist but not exceeded with water.

9.After two weeks, you will begin to notice that a hair is beginning to grow.

10.Let the plant continue to grow until it has obtained a considerable size to be transplanted into a larger pot.

Be careful that insects and pests do not attack your plant.

Lemon is a fruit that really has many benefits for the health of the human body.

Besides that it can be used to give more flavor to our meals or to drink it with infusions, the lemon gives us excellent doses of vitamin C and serves to alkalize our body.

It is also excellent for treating all types of respiratory and digestive diseases.

Finally, lemon naturally strengthens the immune system.