God Has Created This Amazing Natural Antibiotic That Is Antioxidant And Cleans Cholesterol Arteries


Basil is a holy herb and has many benefits. This plant is from tropical regions and can be grown in and outdoors, easy to keep too. It is the best healthy herb known to us centuries ago. It has many good nutrients like K vitamin.

In 2 spoons of basil you have 29% RDA of vitamin K. also it has vitamin A, beta carotene and this fights free radicals, stops many issues too. It also has manganese, phosphorus, calcium, iron, flavonoids and more. The benefits:

  1. Antibiotic– this cures many issues especially with garlic together, for cancer prevention
  2. Clean blood vessels– basil regulates the vessels and stops damages In them
  3. No various diseases– this herb cures flu, cold, digestion and kidney issues.


Experts are still not sure if we need some amounts properly daily, but you can chop some basil and add this in cheese and greens on bread, or curry, pasta topping and soups. Use it organic and fresh mostly. Also make basil tea, but here the benefits are weaker.

This herb is used in many ways, so it must be part of the diet.

Source: www.superhealthypage.com