EVEN THE DOCTORS ARE SHOCKED: Coconut Oil Kills 93% of Colon Cancer Cells in Only 2 Days – Video


It is unfortunate, at least, that the science of today is dominated by the pharmaceutical industries and that the largest numbers of researches are funded by pharmaceutical companies primarily aimed at monetary gain, and not human health.

However, this doesn’t mean that significant and helpful researches aren’t published in prominent journals.

One great example of this comes from the Adelaide University of Australia, where researchers discovered that lauric acid (which constitutes 50% of coconut oil) destroys over 93% of colon cancer cells in human, after 48hrs of treatment. The experiments were conducted in vitro in petri dishes, but also in vivo in rats, and they showed equal results.

It is intriguing that the lauric acid poisons cancer cells while causing oxidative stress in the same time, leading to significant lowering of the glutathione levels (needed for the cancer cells’ protection of oxidative stress).

But the problem with such researches is that they are really expensive and they don’t get the interest of the sponsors, because natural cures cannot be patented. It is simply outside the scope of interest of the pharmaceuticals companies to finance such researches, even though they are aimed at the wellbeing of the population. The lauric acid is in fact found in mother’s milk, and it is a fatty acid that supports the immune system and has anti-bacterial properties.

The clinical studies of the American Nutrition Association have proved that the fats in coconut oil“can be useful in the curing and prevention of conditions like diabetes, osteoporosis, viral diseases (mononucleosis, hepatitis C, herpes etc.), biliary tract diseases, Chron’s disease, and cancer”.

It is proven that coconut oil decreases the side-effects of chemotherapy and that it improves the lives of cancer patients.

It is really sad that the pharmaceutical companies do not wish to finance further researches of the miraculous effects of these natural ingredients. One thing is certain though, cures for all existing diseases can be found in nature, but without researches we will never discover them.