A Juice Which Will Raise You From The Dead: It Has Been Famous For Decades And It Only Takes 2 Minutes To Prepare


With its decade-long use, this is one of the most beneficial natural juice recipes ever recorded. This super-healthy juice can significantly strengthen your immune system, boost your energy levels and improve your blood count. As of lately, it’s been reported to be effective in treatment of cancer as well.

What most people like about this juice apart from its health benefits is its simple preparation. In fact, it only takes 3 minutes to get it ready to drink. However, be prepared that its taste may not be exactly mouth-watering, but if you consider its amazing health benefits, it’s well worth trying!

If you are dealing with constant fatigue, depression, or low blood count, this juice is exactly what you need!


    • 35 oz / 1kg beetroot
    • 35 oz / 1kg honey
    • 3 oranges
    • 17 oz / ½ kg carrots
    • 3 apples
    • 1 lemon


Mix all the ingredients in a food processor after washing them well.

When well-blended, pour the reddish mixture in a glass bottle or a jar.

Close tightly and store in your fridge.

Take half a glass of this health-boosting natural juice first thing in the morning.