7 Types of Toxic People You Don’t Need In Your Life


No matter how much you want to stay positive in life, being surrounded with negativity is everything but helpful. Negativity is everywhere, in the media, our social circles, and workplace and even in our family.

Sometimes it is very hard and maybe impossible to avoid it, but there are thing you can do to at least reduce some of the negativity in your life. You probably know at least one toxic person without being aware of it. Toxic people spread negativity and make your life much difficult than it should be. Your life and time are too precious for you to waste them on those who do nothing but bring you down. Sometimes it is hard to completely remove this kind of people from your life, however if you recognize them you will be able to choose who deserves your time and company.

These are the most common toxic people you should avoid:

  1. The criticizer

A criticizer and a person who gives constructive criticism are not the same.  The difference is between them is the intention which can be determined by the tone of the criticism. The person who wants you help you uses a cautious and stoic tone. The toxic person criticizes too often with a micromanaging and condescending tone and is only doing it to damage your ego without helping you. A toxic criticizer always has an arsenal of arguments prepared no matter how hard you try to make it clear that you have pure and logical intentions.

  1. The “self-redirector”

Toxic people are often egocentric. No matter what the topic of a conversation is they always find the opportunity to make it about them. For example if you broke your leg they will tell you about the time they did too and the pain was much worse than yours. This type of person has a tendency to take and never give and very easy to identify. You feel the way they suck the energy out of every person in the room.

  1. The “perpetually negative”

These people always find the bad in a good situation. Being around them will make you feel bad no matter how happy you felt before. Maintain positive boundaries by limiting the time you spend around them to prevent their negativity from pulling you into a black hole.

  1. The saboteur

Once you set your goals this person comes out of the blue and scoffs at your dreams. Fueled with jealousy, they downplay your excitement and give you a list of reasons why you will fail. They might even claim that they have the best intentions; however you should never allow their words to affect your decisions and achieve your goals.

  1. The controller

This person is an excellent manipulator that uses passive-aggressive pleas to make you feel guilty. They are prepared to do whatever it takes for you to please them. They will even lie and twist your words in order to have control over the situation. If you know someone like this, disengage immediately, and if you can’t at least try to limit your interactions.

  1. The victim

These people can make you feel guilty for something they did. If they are not blaming you directly they will do it behind your back just to get compassion and sympathy from others. They play the victim card especially if you confront them. Once they see you as the enemy they will do everything to make you think it was your fault.

  1. The gossiper

This type of people lacks self-esteem and a sense of belonging. They gain attention, importance and camaraderie through gossiping and spreading harmful talk about others. Try not to get involved in this type of juvenile behavior by ignoring the gossip and demonstrating appropriate discussion.

Watch the video to learn how to deal with the toxic people in your life.




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