7 Plants That Attract Positive Energy In Your Home And Office


There are various different studies that can confirm that only by keeping certain plants in your living room, office, bedroom or wherever you can significantly improve the atmosphere in those rooms. Here are some of the best plants which are going to lighten up the mood in the rooms while cleansing the air and offering a lot of amazing health benefits.

Here are the top 7 plants which you can develop in your home or office which are going to effectively reduce the negative energy in there.

  1. Jasmine:

Besides the fact that it is an awesomely potent aphrodisiac, this plant is also believed to bring love and money in your house. It is recommended that you keep it in your bedroom or in the room in which you spend the most of your days, because of the fact that it can improve your relationship, give you positive energy, and in the same time build romance.

  1. Lavender:

This amazing plant is awesome when it comes to lightening the mood, it can help you sleep, calm your mind, give you positive energy. If you cannot sleep at night we would recommend sprinkling a bit of lavender on your pillow, you can also find an extract from this plant and you can spray that on your pillow as well, you are going to sleep like a baby, we promise.

  1. Aloe Vera:

The aloe vera is one of the greatest plants out there. It is good when it comes to preventing bad vibes, as well as giving out positive ones. Once the Aloe Vera has absorbed the negative energy in your home it is going to fade away.

  1. Lucky Bamboo:

This plant is not a new one, and it has been used in Asia for thousands of years in the past. The great thing about this plant is that it is valued as a symbol of prosperity and good luck. This plant should be kept in a glass bowl ½ an inch filled with distillated or purified water. And it should not be exposed to any direct sunlight.

  1. Rosemary:

This plant is an amazing air purifier, but, that is not the only benefit that the rosemary can offer you it also has some great healing properties as well as it can improve your mood and memory. Plus, this plant encourages love and lust. And it is believed that if you put some sprigs of rosemary all around your home this is going to ensure the loyalty of the people who come into your house.

  1. Orchid:

The flowers of the orchids are known to last long, there are numerous different shapes and sizes of the flowers of this plant. This plant is known to improve the energy in the room as well as cleansing the air and releasing oxygen throughout the night, and that is why it is best if you keep this plant inside your bedroom. They have an amazing scent which is always going to improve your mood and feelings.

  1. Peppermint:

It is believed that this amazing plant is great when it comes to improving the communications and relationships in the home where it is developed. Moreover, people trust that by keeping a peppermint plant in your home you are going to attract economic prosperity.

Source: www.healthyfoodhouse.com