5 Warning Signs Of Breast Cancer That Many Women Ignore! (VIDEO)


The number of people diagnosed with cancer is increasing from year to year. When it comes to women, their biggest threat is breast cancer. According to the American Cancer Society at the end of 2016 there will be 246,660 new cases of breast cancer among American women, and that around 40,450 of those women will probably die from breast cancer. What the experts from the American Cancer Society also stated is that one in eight women in the U.S. are going to develop invasive breast cancer during their lifetime.

As you know the troubles that cancer brings with itself, you should be really careful and to be active in the process of preventing the occurrence of cancer. Now maybe you will think, how am I supposed to do that? Well it is easy, with recognizing the cancer in the early stages by symptoms, and with that the treatment will have a bigger chance to be successful.

This article will show you a few breast cancer symptoms that are often ignored by women, but if you notice them on you or someone in your family you should never ignore them, because they can cost you a life.


Patients that have been diagnosed with breast cancer and the ones that have defeated it experienced fatigue and that makes fatigue the most common symptom in breast cancer. The fatigue that occurs because of the breast cancer cannot be alleviated by resting or sleeping. The fatigue caused by this type of cancer comes along with other symptoms such as pain, depression, high levels of distress and sleep disturbance. The fatigue is extremely severe and that many experts believe is that the imbalance of chemicals in the body which is created by the cancer is the reason why fatigue comes along.

2. Unexplained back pain

Many people are suffering from back pain, and by many we mean 8 out of 10 people have experienced back pain at some point in their lives. But if you experience back pain that is making you feel pressure on the ribs and the spine, or pain in the upper back that feels like it is coming from the bones, you should immediately visit your doctor, because that can be a sign of breast cancer.

3. A new mole / change in an existing mole

Moles are indicators usually of skin cancer but in some cases they can be a warning sign of breast cancer. Researchers made a study to prove that, and the research included 89,902 women that were aged between 40 to 65 years, and for 18 years their medical records were noted. Number of the moles that each woman has was documented at the very beginning of the study. During this study 5,956 of the women were diagnosed with breast cancer which is shocking. And what the researchers found out on this study is that women who had the most moles had almost 15% higher risk of breast cancer than women who had no moles. That is why if you notice a new mole or any kind of change in an existing mole, visit your doctor immediately.

4. A cough or hoarse throat that won’t subside

It is a fact that a cancer that starts in one area is the primary cancer, but if some of the cancer cells break down from the primary cancer they can affect another part of the body and they can form secondary cancer. That means that breast cancer can spread to the lungs and it will cause hoarseness or prolonged cough. In 60-70% of the cases with breast cancer, the cancer spread to the lungs, and their symptoms were shortness of breath and dry cough.

5. Changes in the bladder or the bowels

Breast cancer is causing hormonal changes and that can make difficulties with the control of the bladder. If you leak urine during coughing, sneezing, exercising or laughing, and if the urination lasts longer than usual you should visit your doctor immediately because you may have breast cancer.