5 Things Men Do When They’re Truly In Love


You have probably seen a post on the social media where the man shows his affection for his partner. These outbursts of love usually happen on Valentine’s Day or when he decides to surprise his loved one with expensive presents.

This does not mean that I am not happy about the couple; however epic displays of affection are only setting the bar too high for other men. Some women would think that this is how their man should behave too and they might not appreciate or notice the genuine signs of love they are shown.

These are the usual ways the average man shows his woman that he loves her.

The following 8 things are not expensive or public signs, but after all love is in the little things.

  1. He shows respect

Respect should always be the foundation of true love. If a man sees his woman as an object and does not respect her it means he lusts after her but does not love her. A man who is in love sees his woman as an equal to him. He doesn’t treat her like someone who should do anything he says and agree with everything. Instead, sees her as a person with her own feelings, views and ideas.

  1. He is honest

With respect to the exceptions, there are many men who can put on a convincing mask. They will do anything it takes to look perfect. However, if a man really loves a woman he will never deceive her. He will not lie just to get her into bed. Instead he will value her decisions even if she does not want to be with him. A man who truly loves a woman will appreciate the value of honesty. So, if you have a reason not to be honest and upfront with your partner, it means you are probably in the wrong relationship.

  1. He remembers important things

A man who is in love remembers all the key things about his partner. He knows what her favorite flower, coffee or song is. And of course he always remembers the anniversary and her birthday. Remembering the small and important things in a relationship is not a sign of weakness, but of a healthy love.

  1. He tries to be a better person

Even the sloppiest guy will keep it together as much as he can when he is in love. However, he will not attempt to give a false impression, but he will genuinely try to be a better person. And this is only because he knows that his woman deserves it.

  1. He will fight

According to some studies, the average man has about 6 hookups before being ready to settle down. These 6 women usually leave quickly because he probably didn’t fight for them to stay. Once he ran into rough patches in the relationship he didn’t try hard enough to make it through.

A man does everything he can for the relationship only if he loves a woman. He knows that true love is not easy to find so he will fight for his love and he will not let her go easily.