5 Healthy Ways To Gain Weight


Obesity is an issue that affects almost 2/3 of the citizens of US. Even though it is not as common, thinness is also something that many people struggle with. Being underweight is just as unhealthy for your body as being overweight.

Moreover, even though they are not clinically underweight, there are people who want to gain more muscle mass.

You should follow the same principles in case you have irregular eating habits or you just have trouble gaining weight.

We are going to explain the main rules you should follow in order to gain healthy weight fast.

  1. Don’t spend more than 4 hours without eating anything

Your body is a machine that works all the time even if you are not moving. Your brain is working, your heart is pumping, blood is flowing… This is why the body constantly needs an energy supply in order to have the strength to properly perform these functions and many others. By skipping meals you are depriving your body from the energy it needs. As a result it starts breaking down muscle cells and uses them as a fuel. You can prevent losing muscle mass by eating regular meals every 3-5 hours. Meal timing is crucial in case you are trying to gain new muscle tissue. Most people who are trying to gain weight think they are eating all the time. However, once they start writing a food journal they realize that actually they weren’t eating often enough. It is very important to be consistent.

  1. Eat more different foods at once

Always include at least three food groups in your meal. For example, eat a few slices of whole grain toast with almond butter and banana slices and a glass of organic milk or milk substitute. This way you will provide your body with various nutrients that will give it the energy to get through the day.

  1. Eat healthy and dense foods

If you are trying to gain weight it does not mean that you should eat huge amounts of food, junk food or sugary foods and drinks. Instead, you should eat small servings of foods that are rich in fat, protein and carbohydrates. Dried fruits are an excellent choice. Once dried, the fruit shrinks about 75% which means that a cup of grapes turns into ¼ cup of raisins. However, be careful not to consume dried fruits that contain preservatives or sugars.

Healthy snack idea:

Mix rolled oats, minced dried fruit, dark chocolate and almond butter. Create little balls from the mixture which you can eat throughout the day.

  1. Drink your food

Drinks can be very helpful for providing nutrients without making you feel bloated or stuffed. You can drink organic skim milk, milk alternatives, smoothies and 100% fruit juice. Smoothies are excellent because you can mix them with everything including nut butter, carrot juice, protein powder and wheat germ.

  1. Eat right before going to bed

While you are sleeping your body recovers and regenerates itself. This is the time when most of the muscle and lean tissue is built. If you eat a healthy snack before you go to bed you will give your body the right nutrients that can be of great help during the regenerating process.

Nutritious bedtime salad:
  • 100 % whole-grain pasta (wheat or gluten free alternative)
  • Vinaigrette made with extra-virgin olive oil
  • Chopped or shredded veggies
  • One of the following: beans, chopped chicken breast or organic crumbled cheese

Mix all the ingredients to prepare a salad. You should consume a small bowl of this pasta salad before bedtime.

Gaining weight can be very challenging, so consistency is crucial for long-term success

Some people actually go through a lot of trouble to gain weight. This is because your body feels comfortable with a certain weight set point.

Whether you want to lose or gain weight your body will try to resist the changes by regulating your metabolic rate and hunger levels.

As with every major change, you should not expect overnight results if you want to change your weight. The most important thing is to remember that even though it might take longer, you should always keep in mind why you started and to be consistent all the way to reaching your goal.