4 Reasons Why You Should Drink Holy Basil Tea!


Holy basil is not the same as the sweet basil that you usually put in your marinara sauce or homemade soup. Holy basil or tulsi is a plant that is native to Southeast Asia. This plant was used in Indian medicine to treat numerous health conditions including eye diseases and ringworm.

Holy basil is an adaptogen herb meaning it helps the body restore the balance and also protects it.

Tulsi is a herb that is rich in many nutrients such as vitamins A and C, calcium, zinc, iron and chlorophyll. Besides being excellent for treating many health conditions this herb was also proven to be very efficient in helping the mind cope with stress. Holy basil can be found in the form of tea or supplements.

Here is why you should drink holy basil tea:

  1. It can help clear skin problems

A team of researchers from Thailand wanted to find out in which way holy basil fights bacteria. During their study they discovered that the bacteria that cause acne can be killed with 3% concentration of holy basil oil. This is due to eugenol, a primary compound of holy basil, which has very potent antimicrobial properties. This compound provides numerous benefits for the skin, especially when used for acne. If you are using tulsi for acne, combine it with virgin coconut oil to help the skin absorb it easier.

  1. It can help prevent cancer

Holy basil can protect the body from fever, pain and stress due to the anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties. It provides excellent protection for vital organs including the liver. People who consume tulsi leaves more often have stronger immune system which means they are less likely to develop cancer cells. Chemical induced skin, liver, oral and lung cancer can also be prevented with the help of the phytochemicals in tulsi which increase antioxidant activity. These phytochemicals are also excellent for preventing DNA-damage induced by radiation.

  1. It can help control diabetes

Holy basil is also used as a natural diabetes remedy due to its ability to control blood glucose levels. According to several studies holy basil leaf extract can reduce blood glucose for more than 35% in normal rats, and 15% in diabetes-induced rats. This herb also prevents diabetes symptoms such as hypertension, high cholesterol and weight gain.

  1. It prevents elevated cortisol levels and reduces stress

Holy basil can also regulate serum cortisol levels. Cortisol is also known as the stress hormone. When the levels of this hormone are elevated it causes numerous health problems such as weight gain, acne, anxiety, hypertension and mood swings. Holy basil efficiently reduces cortisol levels thus relieves anxiety and emotional stress and stress related issues. It is also able to prevent cortisol levels from becoming too high.

Learn how to prepare your healing ginger tulsi tea by watching the video below: