2 Servings Of This Vegetable Can Rejuvenate Your Brain For 11 Years


The nutritious ingredients in the foods we eat every day can slow down the aging of the brain and even restore its power, according to the latest research.

2 servings a day of any green leafy vegetables (spinach, kale, grape leaves) can rejuvenate the brain for 11 years, primarily due to the large amount of vitamin K.

The survey measured the cognitive abilities of older people. Those who frequently consumed green leafy vegetables their brain was 11 years younger apart from the rest.

The reduction of the cognitive abilities is a major problem in Alzheimer’s disease and for the first time revealed how its development can be partially prevented or reduced.

Vitamin K is not the only nutrient in the vegetables. Important role have beta carotene, folate and lutein, which as a mix of nutrients can postpone dementia.

Source: www.healthandnaturalmedicine.com